Customer's Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find a number of helpful answers to questions we get asked the most about our services. Click on any question to expand and reveal a detailed response.

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  • How does Eazzy Eats work?

    Eazzy Eats connects Customers to several Restaurants and every food order is delivered at the Customer's address indicated while ordering.

  • "Enjoy our seamless food ordering process in few steps:
    1. Download the Eazzy Eats Customer App from Google Play store or Apple Store.
    2. Create an account and enter your location, automatically or maually.
    3. Select a restaurant by clicking on your preferred options: advert banner, restaurant offers, listed restaurants or search for food types.
    4. Select your preferred food items, view, review and confirm your order.
    5. Add any special instruction if required and click ""Order Now"".
    6. Select your preferred mode of payment using Card, USSD or Bank Transfer.
    7. Add account details, submit and your meal is on the way!

    Always make sure that you enter the correct phone number and address. Thank you for choosing Eazzy Eats."

  • "Download the Eazzy Eats Customer App from Google Play store or Apple Store. Input your profile details including your name, email, phone number and location. An OTP Code will be sent to your email for verification. Input the code and complete the registration."

  • If you receive an error message stating that an account already exits, it's possible the email and/or phone number is already registered as an Eazzy Eats account

  • If you experience difficulties loggin to your account, check your email, phone and password details again to ensure it is accurate.

  • Your password can be changed from your profile section. Simply cliclk your profile picture, edit the details and save

  • "Creating an Eazzy Eats account gives you the benefit of tracking your order history. You can also make quick orders, since all orders are recorded on the App. Also, your previous address and payment details will be saved, so you dont have to input them again on your next order."

  • Eazzy Eats currently delivers to all locations (mainland and Island) in Lagos and will expand to other states in the future.

  • "Eazzy Eats operates 24/7, all year-round. However, the opening time of each Restaurant or Dispatch Rider is decided by the Restaurant or Dispatch Rider respectively. Meanwhile, you can browse food items, place an Order and schedule for later delivery."

  • "You can place Orders for items from the same restaurant in a single Order. However items from different restaurants requires another order."

  • We offer Multi-channel payment options including Card, Bank Trasfer and USSD Code. Use any desired payment option.

  • "Eazzy Eats has considered the challenges consumers face concerning payment security. The platform is equipped with data loss prevention (DLP) measures to ensure that users' confidential information is not lost, misused or accessed by unauthorised users. Kindly read more on our Privacy Policy."

  • "Customers from 6 years old can order food. However, Customers who order alchoholic beverages need to be 18+ "

  • Please reach out to us through our WhatsApp line 08093971111 or email indicating your desired location.

  • "Tracking your order is automated. Immediately you submit your Order, you will receive the notification once the Restaurant accepts the order. You also receive a notification when the Dispatch Rider accepts the notification to deliver and when it arrives. However, if theres a delay, Kindly contact the Customer Service Support and it will be resolved."

  • "Eazzy Eats is committed to the safety of our partners, so the dispatch rider would put a call through to you upon arrival. If you need to make enquiries about your delivery before it arrives, please call our Customer Service Support."

  • "Restaurants and Delivery Agents do their best to complete Orders within the estimated preparation and delivery time, but external factors can cause delay. If you experience any delay, you can contact us on 09030454755 or chat with us via Whatsapp on 08093971111."

  • "An estimated preparation time and delivery time is indicated when you confirm your Order. Delivery times varies based on the distance between the restaurant and your location. The food preparation time depends on the time indicated by each restaurant."

  • Customers are expected to input additional details in the "Special Instruction" section to avoid missing your delivery. However, if this occurs over a long period of time, please call our Customer Service Support.

  • Customers can cancel orders already placed in the EAZZY EATS portal within 3 minutes after the order has been placed and payment has been made. After 3 minutes, the customer will not be able to cancel.

  • "1. If you have a voucher/promo code, you can redeem it after selecting a restaurant and adding items to your basket. 2. On the Order review page, input the code and the discount on your Order will be calculated immediately. Only one voucher can be used per Order."

  • "We ensure every order is accurate and up to standard of our quality assurance measures. If you have enquiries about your meal, please call our Customer Service Support within one hour of delivery and it will be resolved."

  • "Orders may be cancelled due to: 1. The restaurant is closed
    2. The restaurant is out of an item
    3. The restaurant is no longer accepting takeout Orders
    Please call our Customer Service Support if this happens. "

  • Orders submitted can be cancled within 3 minutes. Afterward, kindly contact the Customer Service Support immediately.

  • "Every order is carefully packaged and sealed, which should only be opened by the Customer. If you receive food with a broken seal, do not accept the order and contact the Customer Service Support immediately."

  • Every order is delivered to the appropriate customer. However, in the event of this occurrence, an error could have occurred, kindly contact the Customer Service Support.

  • Approved refunds are made within 24-48 hours. Kindly read more in the Terms and Conditions

  • No, there is no minimum Order value, so you can Order any amount.

  • All partners are trained to give you the best customer experience. However, if you have any complaints, please call our Customer Service Support and it will be resolved.

  • "Eazzy Eats appreciates your feedback to improve our service towards Customer's Satisfaction. A quick survey will be issued immediately after every delivery and at some intervals. Kindly, fill the form when you receive the notification."

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