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Eazzy Eats Staff Spotlight: Chat With Emmanuel Ojoye In our maiden Edition of Eazzy Eats Staff Spotlight, Eazzy Eats Media Team gets to chat with Emmanuel Ojoye from the Human Resource Department here at Eazzy Eats. Today, we ask him a number of intriguing questions as we get to know his educational background, lifestyle, motivation and how these factors contribute to his personality and work at Eazzy Eats. Interviewer: Emmanuel, tell us a little about yourself?Emmanuel Ojoye: Well, as you already know, my name is Emmanuel Ojoye.  I am very friendly and people-oriented. I had my basic and secondary education here in Nigeria before I proceeded to the University of Ghana where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Master's degree in Human Resource Management.I: What's your role at Eazzy Eats?E.O: At Eazzy Eats, I am currently the HR Assistant I: Nice! Can you tell us more about this role?E.O: Well as an HR Assistant, my job entails catering for employees' welfare, overseeing the training of employees, ensuring that employees have the necessary tools to do their jobs, and generally ensuring that we all have a good working environment.I: What do you like most about your job?E.O: What I love about my job is that it gives me the opportunity to practice Human Resource management or people management as people refer to it. I get to work with and interact with a lot of interesting personalities.I: As an HR Assistant here in Eazzy Eats what has been the greatest challenge you have had to overcome?E.O: Well I like to say that each day comes with a new challenge but there hasn't been any notable challenge I have encountered.I: What about achievements. What has been your greatest achievement?E.O: One of my major achievements at Eazzy Eats, is that I have been instrumental in building our formidable team. I: As an individual what core values define your personality?E.O: I like being sincere, I like being trustworthy. I value integrity. I basically believe that one should do unto others as they expect others to do unto them.I: How has Eazzy Eats helped your career development?E.O: Eazzy Eats has been a major factor in my career development. It has helped me thoroughly explore the HR profession. There are many areas of the profession I haven't previously explored. But here in Eazzy Eats I explore areas like payroll, office administration and many other aspects.I: Nice! Let's move away from all the tough questions. Tell me something fun about yourself? Who is Emmanuel outside the office?E.O: Outside the office, Emmanuel is an introvert. I like my private and personal space. But I try as much as possible to interact with people. I try to build a cordial relationship with people I come across.I: Do you have any special talents you've been hiding from us?E.O: Haha! I don't have any ‘hidden' talents or skills per se. All the skills I have, I bring them on board for the betterment and growth of Eazzy Eats.I: What keeps you motivated?E.O: Well I am a self-motivated individual. I am motivated by the challenge of accomplishing my tasks each day. I embark on any challenge with a fresh mindset each day. I: What is your favourite quote?E.O: My favourite quote is ‘If opportunity doesn't come knocking at your door, build your door' I: What does this quote mean?E.O: It simply means that we should not always stand akimbo waiting for opportunities. We sometimes need to gather the resources around us to create opportunities for ourselves.I: Interesting one! It's been nice chatting with you, Emmanuel! Thank you for doing this.E.O: It has indeed been a lovely chat. Thank you too for this opportunity.I: It's a wrap for today's edition of Eazzy Eats Staff Spotlight. In our next edition, we'll have another fun chat with yet another exciting staff member. Until next then, goodbye!
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